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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

9. Right As Rain (Part 2)

I’m mortified. I’m morally antagonized. 
My door is locked.
The shades are down. The lights are off. 
My movements are minimal. 
My sounds are inaudible. 
I’m dull and void. 
These razor thoughts are paranoid. 
I’m a footnote in your sentence.
I’m a last name in an index.
Scavenger savior. 
Don’t forget to never remember you haven't laughed in such a long time.
My tongue is tied. 
So tight it's left me petrified. 
I stay up late. 
Stumble home at a pathetic pace.
It is a time thief.
It sings in late sleep. 
Swollen screams are salivating apathy. 
Bottle clinking Belmont neon.
A city sea of sinking freedom. 
It’s right as rain. 
One salty kiss stays forever in your fingertips.

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