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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

15. The Old Timer's 2x4

Walking dead on two burned feet 
Do you have anything left to say to me? 
From barber chairs and baseball gloves 
To calling names and slaps and drugs 
From son, you could have been someone 
To hey there, meet my only son 
Lost in the mail for a convenient month. 
A graduation unattended 500 miles, 500 days 
We'll never talk, 
Let's count the ways we fake it over every break 
And you kick yourself for making this mistake 

Actions dismantle litigation 
And I thought this would be easier for me 
Another forced smile on vacation 
Another disappointment paves itself into a two way street 
And I see you inside myself 
I want to climb out of my skin 
I see you in myself every day and once again, 
I was the worst mistake, 
Your connection to a thirty year hate 
I tried hard not to believe it 
I'll try harder not to feel it 
Here's to you ya old bastard

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