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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

10. The Revisionist

the sway and swell
flee with her motion
red-gold across my arms
the vicious strokes i painted
a river fills your heart
i'm sorry if i let you down
i know just how you feel tonight
this is never what you wanted
i was searching for myself
in other people's eyes

the mirror's telling half truths
the stolen words finally feel like mine
swollen and sweating (sweating)
off time (off time)
i can see it in your eyes
an ocean floods my heart
i'm sorry that i let you down
you know just how i feel tonight
this is everything i wanted
you've been searching for yourself
in other people's eyes

the revisionist
never gets it perfect
never gets it perfect
the revisionist
never gets you perfect
never gets you perfect

time is never right
the words are never right

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