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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

16. Turnstiles

With a light of this match 
I could burn this place to the ground 
Then fire engines'd scream 
Down crowded streets onto the scene 
And then I'd make it rain 
Numb myself to never say your name 
That I've uttered in anger 
Said with confusion 
Laughed over nervously 
Said without sympathy 
I must always remember: 
There's no point to surrender 
No more smiles; 
Revolving like turnstiles 
No more deliberation; 
Analytical creation 
See I'm incapable, a predepressionist 
This is delivered with courage 
Muddled in tension 
Lashed out in honesty 
Someone come and save me 

I'm dying to tell you 
This kills it forever, it was already dead 
I'm dying to tell you 
This kills us forever, we were already dead
And I'm just fine 
I haven't called you but I haven't had the time 
These thoughts are stale 
I've been revolving like turnstiles

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