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The Libertines Lyrics


The Libertines (2004)
Up The Bracket (2003)

Album "The Libertines" (2004)

1.  Can't Stand Me Now
2.  Last Post On The Bugle
3.  Don't Be Shy
4.  The Man Who Would Be King
5.  Music When The Lights Go Out
6.  Narcissist
7.  The Ha Ha Wall
8.  Arbeit Macht Frei
9.  Campaign Of Hate
10.  What Katie Did
11.  Tomblands
12.  The Saga
13.  Road To Ruin
14.  What Became Of The Likely Lads
15.  France (Hidden Track)

Album "Up The Bracket" (2003)

1.  Vertigo
2.  Death On The Stairs
3.  Horrow Show
4.  Time For Heroes
5.  Boys In The Band
6.  Radio America
7.  Up The Bracket
8.  Tell The King
9.  The Boy Looked At Johnny
10.  Begging
11.  The Good Old Days
12.  I Get Along
13.  What A Waster

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