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Liferuiner Lyrics

6. You Call Me Son, I Call You Dead

Punishment and torture for so many years. 
A father image should never be feared. 
You're all my pain and hate. 
You're all alone. 
I'm runnin you through. 
You call me son. But father was never your role 
Addiction was your child. I hope you die alone 
You tried to kill your fucking own. 
Memories washed away. 
I hope you die alone. 
Wake up every day. wishing you were dead. 
I wanna be the bullet. in your fucking head. 
I'll never let you take me down. 
This is your end. your fucking end 
This is your end. 
This is your end. 
You'll never breathe again. 
You're dead and gone. 
No cares this is your end. 
You'll never breathe again

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