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Ludo Lyrics


You're Awful, I Love You (2008)
Broken Bride EP (2005)
Ludo (2004)

Album "You're Awful, I Love You" (2008)

1.  Love Me Dead
2.  Drunken Lament
3.  Please
4.  Topeka
5.  Lake Pontchartrain
6.  Such As It Ends
7.  Mutiny Below
8.  Streetlights
9.  Go-Getter Greg
10.  The Horror Of Our Love
11.  Scream, Scream, Scream
12.  In Space
13.  Japan It! (iTunes Bonus Track)

EP "Broken Bride" (2005)

1.  Part I: Broken Bride
2.  Save Our City
3.  Part II: Tonight's The Night
4.  Part III: The Lamb And The Dragon
5.  Part IV: Morning In May

Album "Ludo" (2004)

1.  Saturday Night Thunderbolt
2.  Roxy
3.  Hum Along
4.  Ode To Kevin Arnold
5.  Sara's Song
6.  Summertime
7.  Hello, My Name Is Your T.V.
8.  Good Will Hunting By Myself
9.  Laundry Girl
10.  Air-Conditioned Love
11.  Girls On Trampolines

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