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Luther Vandross Lyrics


Dance With My Father (2003)
Luther Vandross (2001)
I Know (1998)
Your Secret Love (1996)
Songs (1994)
The Best Of Love (1989)
Never Too Much (1981)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Dance With My Father" (2003)

1.  If I Didn't Know Better
2.  Think About You
3.  If It Ain't One Thing...
4.  Buy Me A Rose
5.  The Closer I Get To You
6.  Lovely Day
7.  Dance With My Father
8.  She Saw You
9.  Apologize
10.  Hit It Again
11.  Right In The Middle
12.  Once Were Lovers
13.  Lovely Day (Part II)
14.  They Said You Needed Me

Album "Luther Vandross" (2001)

1.  Take You Out
2.  Grown Thangs
3.  Bring Your Heart To Mine
4.  Can Heaven Wait
5.  Say It Now
6.  Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem Is, This Time It's Mine)
7.  How Do I Tell Her
8.  Any Day Now
9.  If I Was The One
10.  Let's Make Tonight The Night
11.  Like I'm Invisible
12.  Are You There (With Another Guy)
13.  Love Forgot

Album "I Know" (1998)

1.  Keeping My Faith In You
2.  Isn't There Someone
3.  Religion
4.  Get It Right
5.  I Know
6.  I'm Only Human
7.  Nights In Harlem
8.  Dream Lover
9.  When I Need You
10.  Are You Using Me?
11.  Are You Mad At Me?
12.  Now That I Have You

Album "Your Secret Love" (1996)

1.  Your Secret Love
2.  Love Don't Love You Anymore (TM's Urban Mix)
3.  It's Hard For Me To Say
4.  Crazy Love
5.  I Can Make It Better
6.  Too Proud To Beg
7.  I Can't Wait No Longer
8.  Nobody To Love
9.  Whether Or Not The World Gets Better
10.  This Time I'm Right

Album "Songs" (1994)

1.  Love The One You're With
2.  Killing Me Softly
3.  Endless Love
4.  Evergreen
5.  Reflections
6.  Hello
7.  Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
8.  Always And Forever
9.  Going In Circles
10.  Since You've Been Gone
11.  All The Woman I Need
12.  What The World Needs Now
13.  Impossible Dream

Album "The Best Of Love" (1989)

1.  A House Is Not A Home
2.  Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
3.  Stop To Love
4.  So Amazing
5.  There's Nothing Better Than Love
6.  Give Me The Reason
7.  Love Won't Let Me Wait
8.  Treat You Right
9.  Here And Now

Album "Never Too Much" (1981)

1.  Never Too Much
2.  Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
3.  Don't You Know That?
4.  I've Been Working
5.  She's A Super Lady
6.  You Stopped Loving Me
7.  A House Is Not A Home

Miscellaneous songs:

*   I'd Rather

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