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The Maine Lyrics

2. Room With No Windows


This town
It's a black hole
Sucking me in
And fucking me up
Yes, it does

I could just stay and keep praying
For things to get better
But they won't
And the only two things holding me here
Are whiskey and women

Oh, you're so naive
Just like a child
And I'll be happy
It just might take a while
'Cause you can't make me smile
Oh, you can't make me smile

And I live 
In a room with no windows
Too much time on my hands
Too much shit in my head
Yes, there is

I do what I must to stay alive
Now I wanna feel it
But I will not bother building
A pool I'll never swim in

Oh, you so naive
Just like a child
And I'll hide my teeth
Cause it might take a while
Until I learn how to smile [x2]

Oh, 'Cause you can not make me smile

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