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Making April Lyrics


The Egg Hunt (2009)
Runaway World EP (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "The Egg Hunt" (2009)

1.  So Bad
2.  Brighter Bright
3.  Bailey
4.  Safe But Sorry
5.  Stay The Night
6.  Streetlights
7.  Wide Awake
8.  Let It Ride
9.  Hey Katie
10.  Don't Go
11.  So Bad (Acoustic Version) (iTunes Bonus Track)

EP "Runaway World" (2006)

1.  These Are The Nights
2.  I Wrote This Song
3.  Driveway
4.  All Of Yours
5.  Chase You Down
6.  Roses And Butterflies
7.  Jump In
8.  Runaway World
9.  Hurry Up And Wait (Re-issue Bonus Track)
10.  Runaway World (Acoustic) (Re-issue Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Don't Look Back (from "My First Demo")
*   These Are The Nights (Acoustic)

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