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Manchester Orchestra Lyrics

*  Top Notch

There's two twin deaf kids and they've gotta make
An ungodly decision
They decide which one gets to leave this place
And which one will forsake it, to make it

So, the first kid says in his temporal tone
I don't think there's a way to resolve this
We should wrap up these towels round our blisters and bones
Way out in the closet

His brother looks him up and down and prophesizes
How all of this should end
Said they're buried underneath the yard
And no one ever listens...to physics

All that I know, it's no way to fix it [x4]

Did it really matter how it happened when it did?
Cause when it happened, you react to it and I let it win
So she tried to wash it out but that's a stain that won't dissolve
And we all believed in ghosts until you walked into the wall

So come on! [x4]

All that I know, it's no way to fix it [x4]

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