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Matchbook Romance Lyrics


Voices (2006)
Stories And Alibis (2003)
West For Wishing EP (2003)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Voices" (2006)

1.  You Can Run, But We'll Find You
2.  Surrender
3.  My Mannequin Can Dance
4.  Goody, Like Two Shoes
5.  Monsters
6.  Say It Like You Mean It
7.  Portrait
8.  Singing Bridges (We All Fall)
9.  Fiction
10.  What A Sight
11.  I Wish You Were Here
12.  [Untitled] (Hidden Track)

Album "Stories And Alibis" (2003)

1.  Introduction
2.  Your Stories, My Alibis
3.  Playing For Keeps
4.  Promise
5.  Lovers & Liars
6.  Tiger Lily
7.  Shadows Like Statues
8.  My Eyes Burn
9.  She'll Never Understand
10.  If All Else Fails
11.  Stay Tonight
12.  The Greatest Fall Of All Time

EP "West For Wishing" (2003)

1.  14 Balloons
2.  The Greatest Fall Of All Time
3.  Hollywood And Vine
4.  Farewell To Friends
5.  Save Yourself

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Ex Marks The Spot
*   I'll Be Home For Christmas
*   In Transit (For You) (from Split EP w/ Motion City Soundtrack)

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