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Melanie B Lyrics


L.A. State Of Mind (2005)
Hot (2000)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "L.A. State Of Mind" (2005)

1.  Today
2.  Stay In Bed Days
3.  Beautiful Girl
4.  Music Of The Night (Perdido)
5.  If I Had My Life Again
6.  In Too Deep
7.  Sweet Pleasure
8.  L.A. State Of Mind
9.  Say Say Say
10.  Bad, Bad Girl
11.  Hold On

Album "Hot" (2000)

1.  Feel So Good
2.  Tell Me
3.  Hell No
4.  Lullaby
5.  Hotter
6.  Step Inside
7.  ABC123
8.  I Believe
9.  I Want You Back
10.  Pack Your S**t
11.  Feel Me Now

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Sophisticated Lady
*   Word Up

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