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Metro Station Lyrics


Middle Of The Night EP (2013)
Metro Station (2007)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "Middle Of The Night" (2013)

*   Barcelona
*   Every Time I Touch You

Album "Metro Station" (2007)

1.  Seventeen Forever
2.  Control
3.  Kelsey
4.  Shake It
5.  Wish We Were Older
6.  Now That We're Done
7.  True To Me
8.  Tell Me What To Do
9.  California
10.  Disco
11.  The Love That Left You To Die (UK Bonus Track)
12.  Goodnight And Goodbye (Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)
13.  Comin' Around (Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   After The Fall
*   Dear Hannah
*   Japanese Girl (from "Kelsey EP")
*   Moving Along
*   Time To Play (from "Kelsey EP")
*   Where's My Angel ("Alice In Wonderland" Soundtrack)

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