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Millencolin Lyrics

14. Airhead

You think you're not cool cause you know every girl in town, but you don't do, 
cause when you're out at night they don't
look your way, you've got all that trendy shit and a jolly air for brains
and you are busy to watch out for that ugly girl you know. 

You think girls like that will ruin your style, 
cause a perfect guy like you need something more
you're so cool, you've got everything a girl desire, 
you're so cool, with a perfect but you can go far. 

You're telling me that I am thinking way to small to understand 
that you have reached your goals and I am far away
and all the things you say that you know I don't want to hear, 
so throw your empty words away and listen to what I say
I'm not jealous in all the lies you tell, just take it easy, you might end up in hell,
you're so perfect, you've got everything and you are way to cool 
to understand that you are out of line.

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