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Millencolin Lyrics

7. Black Gold

Can you pass me the black gold?
I wanna know how many shirts got sold
I'm gonna beat you in soccer
we bought our Juve-shirts in an Italian footlocker
We saw the real world today
poor swedes were afraid 
left France behind us broke some fingers of Magnus'. 

Like it or not, I always say that I'd rather go home
like it or not, this time I never wanted to go home 

Ingredients is a big thing
we crown Stavanger as king
wanna see more of Moulder
at night the bus is getting colder
we saw the real world today
did you know it's in Brussels?
Now we hope that you missed us
we'll be home to X-mas. 

Wanna see you again someday soon, it'd be great
you're totally o.k. 
It's over now, it's December 
like a friend once said, it's times to remember.

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