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Millencolin Lyrics

11. Entrance At Rudebrook

The joy and the pain, it's all in the game
but right now the joy's far away
we're gonna take it back to how it was before now
so what if we're last, so what if we're gone
you're waiting for that day, but I know it won't come
we've reached the bottom and now we're just looking forward. 

For twelve years I've been down
but I'm not whining, I'm still smiling
and I'm still around every night. 

Every Sunday or Wednesday night I'll be there
with all the other folks biting those nails
and some of us I know that we would die for you
and maybe you think it's just cause I have my smartcard
but forget that pal, tell you what 
we're in it and we're in it to win it. 

So many hours spent in that building
and all the memories divine 
just a few more seasons, then we'll be back.

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