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Millencolin Lyrics

11. Highway Donkey

When I was younger I did not know how to be. 
I lived my own lie and I never asked the questions why. 
I always talked and dressed like everyone 'round me. 
Where were my own view and my own thoughts? 
I don't have a clue. 

Insecurity, no confidence that was my style. 
I did some false things, 
you'd say I was playing the wrong strings. 
To realize and see how lost I was, it took a while. 
But it was worth it 
'cause now I'm much more confident and fit. 

I'm not going down the highway, 
'cause I had the might to stop 
and turn around before it was too late. 
Instead I'm slowly going my way 
and if I don't reach the top, 
I still got loads here I appreciate. 

Just because I'm older now 
does not mean I'm complete. 
Yeah, I still have got fear, 
it's not as strong but it's still here. 
And I'm confused at times, 
but now I know where to put my feet. 
Right in my own trail, 
that's the only place if I don't wanna fall.

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