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Millencolin Lyrics

7. Jellygoose

You know the times when I'm lost and confused, I lose control, and I find you
to abuse, I feel like shit now cause it's getting to me, I treat you like someone i
don't wanna be.
I talk to myself and say that you're outstanding, then you call me up and i
explain how I'm sorry again. 

It's not the first time our love seems to be fading, but we're still here and same
things we're defending, you leave me now and there will be no happy ending,
we can at least try to pretend. 

We share my bed when we could share so much more, if we just could talk
things out I'd sleep on the floor, I wanna give you all respect that I can
it can be hard cause I'm just a boy and not a man
you have a point when you suggest it's not that simple, I guess you're right
cause there is many things on a plough. 

I need a rest right now, from myself and everyone, I got to focus my mind on
you, you're the one I love.

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