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Millencolin Lyrics

4. Killercrush

I wonder what the best thing is
to have a face or to have charm?
Well, my girl's twofaced and she's a fartalarm
I'm not blind and I do have nose,
but I don't wanna use it now,
I rather try to follow my heart this time
good looks, it makes me nervous
I need someone who's not perfect. 

It's you, you're overweight and lovely,
yes it's true, a pig in walking shoes
you drool every time we kiss, I must say you rule
I'm falling in love with you. 

I know that all those trendy girls
would leave me when I'm broke
and also be disgusted if I smoke, no joke.
I don't need a model
unless she has a major body. 

Just an ounce of human touch, I realize it's a killercrush,
I'm dancing, I'm overjoyed.
I took a chance on you cause I wanted some romance
to and now I'm happy as can be
cause this supersized woman means all to me.

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