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Millencolin Lyrics

3. Move Your Car

When you've been pushed to the side
you feel kind of useless
it feels like something left inside
so do it right this time and leave that stuff behind
stop thinking about it, you have to get away right now. 

So move your car, I think it's best for you right now,
move your car, you have to get on with your life
so do it now! 

You don't deserve to feel this way
cause you're not a loser,
you have to clear up your mind and see that it was not your
fault and you're not the one to blame,
you can put it away now, so take some time to change
your life. 

I guess thats best for you to move that car
it will take some time, but in the end you'll find 
that you are worth a better life than this.

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