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Millencolin Lyrics

5. Right About Now

I gotta get me a grip and be strong. 
Gotta show I can rip, moving on. 
As I'm trembling, it's not ending. 
Gotta avoid to make slips and meet nongs. 

'Cause I want it, yeah I wanna live my life. 
I wanna live my life in this world. 
And I need it.  Yes, I need it. 
Yeah, I need to spend my days on this earth. 

I gotta learn to say NO, disallow. 
Well, it's my turn to go pro, right about now. 
I've been fading for too long, degrading. 
I gotta earn me some dough, this is how. 

At 23, I was far from feeling free. 
At 24, my life was a big bore. 
Now I'm 25 and I'm still not high, 
yeah, I'm 25 but still alive. 
I'll never give up and I'll reach my goal, 
until I reach my goal... Controlling body and soul.

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