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Millencolin Lyrics

9. Simple Twist Of Hate

I'm on the bottom, deep down. Yeah, in fear is where I stay, 
cause penalization and bullying have made me what I am today. 
For too long I've been pushed around and my scars still burn. 
Now look at my reaction, for the worse I'm gonna take a turn.

So here I come with violence and me you can not stop. 
Get out of my sight cause it's time for payback. 
I'll fight whoever, yeah, I'll hit them 'til they drop.
Cause this time I'm gonna be on top. Yeah, I'm gonna be on top.

It's bottles up inside of me, I gotta let it all out. 
Since the day that I was born I've taken shit, so I'm mad no doubt. 
But I'm a victim, you see. It's always been my role. 
But things are gonna turn around cause now I'm gonna lose control.

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