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Millencolin Lyrics

22. Vixen

I take a piece of paper, make a heart and send it to you
and I sure wanna cut a paper, I wanna scream and shout
so don't cut me out, cause Vixen, baby, you're allright.
You are the sweetest girl that I have met, don't play hard to get
"N"+"L" is true. You know that I love you.

It's not over, baby, it's not the ending
Vixen, I think my heart is mending
It's not over, we're just getting higher
in this super painful game called love.

Our relationship is changing, you moved away and I am stuck
on you and in my empty room, but anyhow I wish you luck
You're a fox and I'm a schmuck and I can't make a chant about anything
but you, you know I can't.

Call you up close to 5 am, woke you up again around 7
and all I wanted you to know is that I miss you bad.

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