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Motion City Soundtrack Lyrics

14. So Long, Farewell

I heard an angel say hey, hey, hey
Made your Jesus and Mary chain, chain, chain
She was loaded and knocked out on the marble tiles again

I put an angel to sleep, sleep, sleep
Major feelings of feelings would creep, creep, creep
I was watching her kung-fu through the darkness and the dreams

I wonder why she's so fragile 
And I wonder why she never smiles
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

She had a fever, burn, burn, burn
Holy watering eyeballs churn, churn, churn
She was violently comatose the best part of the day

Several hours went by, by, by
She crawled out from the blankets and sigh, sigh, sighed
She climbed into purgatory once the sun went down

I wanted to help so badly
But my help just prolonged her decent
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

So long farewell
May I see you when it's over
Good night, good luck
I hope it all works in your favor
So long old friend
Take my words and think them over
So long farewell
You're the saddest music in my world tonight.

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