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Motion City Soundtrack Lyrics

*  Wait So Long

Originally by Trampled by Turtles

I could never pretend that I don't love you,
You could never pretend that I'm your man.
That's exactly the way that I want it,
That's exactly the way that I am.

And you call me in the morning with your troubles,
Takin' it downtown every night.
I could never place the stars at night above ya,
Got my hands in the ground and you know I'm right.

You wait so long [x4]


It's a coffee stain earth every time it happens,
Liven up honey it ain't that bad.
And the afterthought rose to recognition,
Like every other coffin that I had.

And your Buick broke down and went a muck,
You fall to your knees and you pray to the Lord.
Maybe take up hope at the politicians,
Nothing happens in this burnt down town anymore.

You wait so long [x8]


And your heart rolls on like a frozen freight train,
You know that I help you if I can.
But I'm just a raindrop in a river,
Just a little itty-bitty grain of sand.

And you know that I'm doomed to repeat this,
With all the bad habits that I learned.
But it's better then your five earned fornication,
And all the dirty money that you earned.

You wait so long [x8]

You wait so long...

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