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My Hero Is Me Lyrics


The Crywolf Broadcast (2008)
Helen Of Troy EP (2006)

Album "The Crywolf Broadcast" (2008)

1.  Pirates Life For Me
2.  When Peter North Goes South
3.  Taylor Rain (On My Parade)
4.  Be Well, John Spartan
5.  Cry Wolf Broadcast
6.  Grobe Lugner Sind Grobe Zauberer
7.  I Studied Metal At Juliard
8.  How To Hold A Ghost's Hand
9.  Mississippi Blues Devil
10.  A Beautiful Mind
11.  Rated R For Rambunctious

EP "Helen Of Troy" (2006)

1.  The Plot To Kill Bob Barker
2.  B. B. King Feels Your Pain
3.  When Animals Write Poetry
4.  Even Cupid Drinks
5.  This Calls For A Careface
6.  Tree Houses With Broken Ladders
7.  Beautiful Mind

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