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Neko Case Lyrics

2. The Next Time You Say Forever

I hear the tiniest sparks and the tenderest sounds
Diving music, drowning the sound
Waltzing with the hairs upon my arms
And your fight-or-flight alarm
And you tremble and you stumble
And you scrape up your palms
I can't stay here to hold your hand
I've been away for so long
I've lost my taste for home

And that's a dirty fallow feeling 
To be the dangling ceiling
From when the roof came crashing down

Peeling in the heat
Vanish in the rain
The next time you say forever
I will punch you in your face
Just because you don't believe it
Doesn't mean I didn't mean it

You never know when I'll show you the never
You never know when I'll show you the never

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