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Neko Case Lyrics

5. Vengeance Is Sleeping

I didn't know what a brute I was
I dipped my cigarette and rode the bus
Vengeance built me hastily
And I dragged a clanging notion
I was nobody, nobody

All I had was my invention
And my love invented all of you
Oh look what thoughts can do
What thoughts can do
If you're not run-out, dead and buried
You're most certifiably married
Oh married

I'm sure you're sleeping sound
With a mistress of the hours
The hours are grimed, your life to death
Your easy loves, you keep like path
Denied them, you are powerless
Whatever keeps you sleeping through the night

I'm not the man you thought I was

My love has never lived indoors
I had to drag it home by force
Hired hounds at both my wrists
Damp and bruised by strangers' kisses on my lips

But you're the one that I still miss
You're the one that I still miss
And it's ruthless that it comes as no surprise

I'm not the man you think I am
I'm not the man you think I am

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