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Nico Vega Lyrics

2. Hollywood Sign

Yesterdays post was a nightmare. 
I'm still afraid of the man that I was 
cuz I'm drinking with Dr.Jekyll 
Never hold on to the state of a buzz. 
I'm sloppy it ain't pretty, 
do a golf clap take a man bow. 
Till the next time that we meet at the top of the Hollywood Sign. 
Don't leave me next to the pool bar 
where I'm all alone with the conscience of fate. 
I'll choose my favorite beverage and vomit it up on the chest of my date. 
The names Baby, and in the spot light I'm a real lady 
but when the cameras off, I die slowly. 
I've got Entourage but they don't know me. 
Cuz I'm the ghost of the Hollywood Sign

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