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Norma Jean Lyrics

10. And There Will Be A Swarm Of Hornets

I built this destruction with my own hands and with my hands I will help pull it down.
And like the worker bees, silenced by that swarm I'll make a new home
String me up, just leave me here and I'll find my way back home I swear
These are not the plans I made.
This is not the life I wanted
I don't care.
Pull it down.
With broken bones and vital organs far from functional,
I am ruined.
Pull me down and I'll find my way back home I swear.
What you can't pull from me, pull from yourself.
We know what we have to do.
We're not going anywhere!
With blood stained glasses staring straight at me and just careless
With that lidless gaze I am ruined.
I need to be saved.
Pick me up and I'll find my way back home I swear

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