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Norma Jean Lyrics

3. Birth Of The Anti Mother

From the bloodline of vicious serpents
A dreadful heart within a lovely shell
A demon's heart, but with the face of God
I guess a liar's heart is still true even if her lips are not
The vomit that flows out from your mouth has seeped into your chest
Searching for the strength to breathe in one last lie from you
But right now the grave seems so much easier
The fear of that devil in me... it comes from you.
You're like the smoke in the window
She comes for sorrow.
She comes for lies
We came here for blood. Did you? Yes or no?
No one's getting out because we came for blood
We're not breathing and I don't care
Because no one's breathing... she's not breathing.
Choke that witch out.
Suffocate her.
Choke her out.

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