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Paula DeAnda Lyrics


Paula DeAnda (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Paula DeAnda" (2006)

1.  Doing Too Much
2.  Walk Away
3.  Easy
4.  When It Was Me
5.  Overloved
6.  So Cold
7.  Good Girl
8.  Wanna Be With You
9.  Make 'Em Clap To This
10.  Breathe
11.  Let's Go Out Tonight
12.  I'll Be Down For You
13.  Footprints On My Heart
14.  What Would It Take (iTunes Bonus Track)
15.  Back Up Off Me (iTunes Bonus Track)
16.  Lo Que Hago Por Tu Amor (iTunes Bonus Track)
17.  Irresistible (iTunes Bonus Track)
18.  Facil (iTunes Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Roll The Credits
*   We're Good

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