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Poison The Well Lyrics


The Tropic Rot (2009)
Versions (2007)
You Come Before You (2003)
Tear From The Red (2002)
The Opposite Of December: A Season of Separation (1999)
Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder EP (1998)

Album "The Tropic Rot" (2009)

1.  Exist Underground
2.  Sparks It Will Rain
3.  Cinema
4.  Pamplemousse
5.  Who Doesn't Love A Good Dismemberment
6.  Antarctica Inside Me
7.  When You Lose I Lose As Well
8.  Celebrate The Pyre
9.  Are You Anywhere
10.  Makeshift Clay You
11.  Without You And One Other I Am Nothing
12.  D10 D11 (Vinyl Bonus Track)
13.  New Fast (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
14.  Purple Sabbath (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
15.  Bowie (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Album "Versions" (2007)

1.  Letter Thing
2.  Breathing's For The Birds
3.  Nagaina
4.  The Notches That Create Your Headboard
5.  Pleading Post
6.  Slow Good Morning
7.  Prematurito El Baby
8.  Composer Meet Corpse
9.  You Will Not Be Welcomed
10.  Naive Monarch
11.  Riverside
12.  The First Day Of My Second Life
13.  Wreck Itself Taking You With Me (European Bonus Track)
14.  Oceanbreast (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "You Come Before You" (2003)

1.  Ghostchant
2.  Loved Ones
3.  For A Bandaged Iris
4.  Meeting Again For The First Time
5.  A) The View From Here Is... B) A Brick Wall
6.  The Realist
7.  Zombies Are Good For Your Health
8.  The Opinionated Are So Opinionated (Instrumental)
9.  Apathy Is A Cold Body
10.  Sounds Like The End Of The World
11.  Pleasant Bullet
12.  Crystal Lake

Album "Tear From The Red" (2002)

1.  Botchla
2.  Lazzaro
3.  Turn Down Elliot
4.  Rings From Corona
5.  Moments Over Exaggerate
6.  Horns And Tails
7.  Sticks And Stones Never Made Sense
8.  Pieces Of You In Me
9.  Karsey Street
10.  Parks And What You Meant To Me

Album "The Opposite Of December: A Season of Separation" (1999)

1.  12/23/93
2.  A Wish For Wings That Work
3.  Artists Rendering Of Me
4.  Slice Paper Wrists
5.  Nerdy
6.  To Mandate Heaven
7.  Not Within Arms Length
8.  Mid Air Love Message
9.  My Mirror No Longer

EP "Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" (1998)

1.  Grain Of Salt
2.  Lost In Silence
3.  Torn
4.  Obstacle
5.  Material Christ

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