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The Prize Fighter Inferno Lyrics

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Coheed And Cambria


Half Measures EP (2012)
Beaver Records EP (2009)
My Brother's Blood Machine (2006)

EP "Half Measures" (2012)

1.  Elm Street Lover Boy
2.  The Simple Fix
3.  Pistol Pete Matty
4.  Half Measures

EP "Beaver Records" (2009)

1.  Gears
2.  Erizo Schultz

Album "My Brother's Blood Machine" (2006)

1.  The Going Price For Home
2.  The Fight Of Moses Early & Sir Arthur McCloud
3.  Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecilia Marie
4.  A Death In The Family
5.  The Margretville Dance
6.  Accidents
7.  Run, Gunner Recall, Run! The Town Wants You Dead!
8.  Who Watches The Watchmen?
9.  Wayne Andrews, The Old Bee Keeper
10.  The Missing McCloud Boys
11.  Easter
12.  78

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