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Protest The Hero Lyrics

1. No Stars Over Bethlehem

This should never be!

I'll burn all the lives of this angel illuminati
When St. Michael sized means find an end to justify
A belief to fortify this stained glass disgrace
Too beautiful to change or perhaps too scared
The truth behind our lives will be erased (will be erased)

A crusader (in which to die) begging for a crusade in which to die
Where lead locusts pierce the heart of men
And tie the tongues of those who lie (those who lie)
Cut the sinner, bleed redemption through the city streets
That resonate the prayers of this should never be

This should never be!

Someone plunged a dagger deep into God's chest 
And when he groaned it laid our entire civilization to rest
When he pulled out the dagger and marveled in the pain he could create
We stuck another in his back to seal creation's fate

So now we turn from wealth in the height of all our poverty
A call that renders me ageless turning the pages of a belief that's
Greater than us all, great than us all

Amen to the fools and the Cossacks and the pulpits (Amen!) 
Amen to the people who think there's still a way to help us
Amen to the people 
Amen to the people 
Amen to the people 
Amen to the people

Amen to the people!
Amen to the people who!
Think there's still a way to help us

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