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Protest The Hero Lyrics

*  Soft Targets Dig Softer Graves

Now's the time to take all your rage and your 
frustration and focus it in a positive way. 
It's time to fight but only for the democracy 
that has been ripped from beneath our feet. Is  
it ridiculous to believe that killing the 
innocent is murder? but it is to believe that  
nothing can be done. These people are not 
machines, they're living they're breathing 
they're dying they're human beings who cry 
"please don't kill me" in the same trembling 
frequency we do. Propaganda screams "have you 
forgotten?" in six minute intervals so loud 
that you can't escape them, but now I'll ask 
have you forgotten? about the young men in  
boxes, about the choking in the field, about a  
treaty (of a palace in the swamp) that was set to 
end it all? It's safe to say I'll never forget 
the day i first heard your voice, laced with 
undertones of hate and vengeance. I suppose all 
that matters is dulce et decorum est Pro patria 
mori, or at least it still acts as an effective 
facade to mask the burning bush's political 
alternative agenda. How sweet and fitting is it 
to die for one man's greed?

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