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The Red Shore Lyrics


Unconsecrated (2008)
Salvaging What's Left EP (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Unconsecrated" (2008)

1.  The Garden Of Impurity
2.  Misery Hymn
3.  Deception: Prologue
4.  Slain By The Serpent
5.  The Architects Of Repulsion
6.  Your Chariot Awaits
7.  Rise and Fall
8.  The Forefront Of Failure
9.  Nephilim (Instrumental)
10.  Vehemence The Phoenix

EP "Salvaging What's Left" (2006)

1.  The Valentines Day Massacre
2.  Sink Or Swim
3.  What Doesn't Kill You...?
4.  Effigy Of Death
5.  I Only Smile When You're Bleeding
6.  Pulling Teeth

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Flesh Couture
*   Knives and Wolves
*   Thy Devourer

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