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The Reign Of Kindo Lyrics


Rhythm Chord & Melody (2008)
The Reign Of Kindo EP (2007)

Album "Rhythm Chord & Melody" (2008)

1.  The Moments In Between
2.  Breathe Again
3.  Great Blue Sea
4.  Let It Go
5.  Nice To Meet You
6.  Till We Make Our Ascent
7.  Something In The Way That You Are
8.  Rhythm, Chord & Melody (Instrumental)
9.  I Hear That Music Play
10.  The Mystery Of Our Day
11.  Morning Cloud
12.  Hold Out

EP "The Reign Of Kindo" (2007)

1.  Set The Stage, Cue The Music (Instrumental)
2.  Needle & Thread
3.  Hard To Believe
4.  Just Wait
5.  Do You Realize
6.  One Man Parade

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