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Rise Against Lyrics

*  What Are We Gonna Do?

Performed by Tim McIlrath

What are we gonna do? 
Said the hungry child to a father's empty hands 
What are we gonna do? 
When the smoke clears 
And reveals no promise land 
What are we gonna do? 
I don't know, it's a long long way to go. 
What are we gonna do?

Splashed across the table like a pile of fallen leaves 
She stares down at unpaid bills then up at him
And unaware of the journey that his father made for him 
But when the man asked for his papers 
You replied with empty hands
And from the graves we dig for dreams, not realize 
Do you hear these muffled cries? 
What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do? 
And who is going to answer for our sins
Could it be you? 
Or me When they left our fingerprints 

What are we gonna do? 
I don't know, it's a long, long way to go 
What are we gonna do?

Somewhere in the spaces of a 9 round magazine 
The cowards pull the triggers at the seam 
And the apple of our eyes cannot survive these sharpened teeth 
Like Abraham and Isaac We will sacrifice and like it 
And when the sun sets 
We will wait here patiently 
We fall sleep but we don't dream
What are we gonna do? 

Said the lion to the lamb 
As they drew lines in the sand 
Said the trees to the man 
When there were no seeds left to plant
Said the widow to the grave 
As her roses fade away 
Said the hills to the sky 
As they kissed our last goodbye

Said the worker to the chief 
Less like a boss, more like a thief 
Said the ocean to the shore 
As the tides grow more and more
Said the soldier to the priest 
What is it that I should believe? 
Said the desert to the rain 
When will you visit us again?

How can we explain to children dancing in the rain 
What are we gonna do?

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