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Savage Garden Lyrics


Affirmation (1999)
Savage Garden (1997)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Affirmation" (1999)

1.  Affirmation
2.  Hold Me
3.  I Knew I Loved You
4.  The Best Thing
5.  Crash And Burn
6.  Chained To You
7.  The Animal Song
8.  The Lover After Me
9.  Two Beds And a Coffee Machine
10.  You Can Still Be Free
11.  Gunning Down Romance
12.  I Don't Know You Anymore

Album "Savage Garden" (1997)

1.  To the Moon and Back
2.  I Want You
3.  Truly Madly Deeply
4.  Tears of Pearls
5.  Universe
6.  Carry On Dancing
7.  Violet
8.  Break Me Shake Me
9.  A Thousand Words
10.  Promises
11.  Santa Monica

Miscellaneous songs:

*   All Around Me
*   Fire Inside The Man
*   I Don't Care
*   I'll Bet He was Cool
*   Last Christmas
*   Love Can Move You
*   Mine
*   This Side Of Me

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