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Scissor Sisters Lyrics


Ta-Dah (2006)
Scissor Sisters (2004)

Album "Ta-Dah" (2006)

1.  I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
2.  She's My Man
3.  I Can't Decide
4.  Lights
5.  Land Of A Thousand Words
6.  Intermission
7.  Kiss You Off
8.  Ooh
9.  Paul McCartney
10.  The Other Side
11.  Might Tell You Tonight
12.  Everybody Wants The Same Thing

Album "Scissor Sisters" (2004)

1.  Laura
2.  Take Your Mama
3.  Comfortably Numb
4.  Mary
5.  Lovers In The Backseat
6.  Tits On The Radio
7.  Filthy / Gorgeous
8.  Music Is The Victim
9.  Better Luck
10.  It Can't Come Quickly Enough
11.  Return To Oz

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