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S Club 8 Lyrics


Sundown (2003)
Together (2002) (Performed as S Club Juniors)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Sundown" (2003)

1.  Fool No More
2.  Sundown
3.  Don't Tell Me You're Sorry
4.  Love To The Limit
5.  Turn The Lights On
6.  Searching For Perfection
7.  One Thing I Know
8.  Sail On Through
9.  Big Fun
10.  The Day You Came
11.  Pretty Boy
12.  Rush
13.  I Just Came To Dance
14.  Drawn To You
15.  Tears On My Pillow

Album "Together" (2002)

(Performed as S Club Juniors)

1.  One Step Closer
2.  Automatic High
3.  New Direction
4.  One Fine Day
5.  Puppy Love
6.  Feel The Beat
7.  Wherever You Are
8.  I Come Alive
9.  Together
10.  Only You
11.  Anytime, Anywhere
12.  You Are The One
13.  New Direction (Magic Fly Radio Version)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Here We Go
*   Reach
*   This Is How We Party
*   We Got You (from "Automatic High" single)

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