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Scott, The Musical Lyrics


Letters From Long Island (2009)
I Gave Her Butterflies, She Gave Me Crabs (2009)
I Believed You When You Said... (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Letters From Long Island" (2009)

1.  Letters From Long Island
2.  Moshi, Moshi
3.  Holly (Hold Me Tight)
4.  Conversation With A Comatose
5.  Moorlough Mary
6.  True Love Is Permanent [Audrey Pt. II]
7.  When You're Around
8.  Jesus Christ
9.  Miserable At Best
10.  A Letter To Lillian
11.  A Shot Of Dutch Courage
12.  Heartbreak In C Minor
13.  Heartbreak In C Minor (Reprise)
14.  Twenty Below

Album "I Gave Her Butterflies, She Gave Me Crabs" (2009)

1.  The Stigmatist & The Sceptic
2.  Matilda
3.  Untitled [Siren Song]
4.  Return To Sender
5.  Seven Pounds
6.  Paper Anchor
7.  Stay
8.  You Hold Your Tongue (Bonus Track)
9.  Matilda (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
10.  Duma Gama (Bonus Track)

Album "I Believed You When You Said..." (2008)

1.  Swingsets
2.  You've Got Moxie, Kid
3.  Sin City Never Sleeps
4.  Brittany's Lullaby
5.  "A" Is For Asphixiated
6.  You'll Be My Anchor...
7.  Don't Trust Me (Bonus Track)
8.  Where'd You Go (Bonus Track)
9.  Sin City Never Sleeps (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   (Tell Me) You're Foolish.
*   Dubba U Tee Eff

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