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Sea Of Treachery Lyrics


Wonderland (2010)
At Dagger's Drawn (2008)

Album "Wonderland" (2010)

1.  Welcome To Wonderland
2.  Up Next On The Violence Channel
3.  Who's Winning, You Or You?
4.  A Lifetime Ago
5.  The Comedian Is Dead
6.  The Sphinx Has Left The Building
7.  Seven
8.  Skin Deep
9.  You Speak Only In Vowels
10.  It Was Always Too Late
11.  Misery Business (Bonus Track)

Album "At Dagger's Drawn" (2008)

1.  The First Eulogy (Instrumental)
2.  Purging Of The Wicked
3.  Unleash The Serpents
4.  An Endless Cycle Of Torture
5.  The Eyes Of The Ranger
6.  On The Wings Of Pegasus
7.  Raise The Banner
8.  Interlude (Instrumental)
9.  Back To The Surface
10.  And The Angels Were Silent
11.  I Never Was A White Picket Fince Sorta Guy
12.  Their Own Hell

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