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Selena Gomez Lyrics


Kiss & Tell (2009)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Kiss & Tell" (2009)

1.  Kiss & Tell
2.  I Won't Apologize
3.  Falling Down
4.  I Promise You
5.  Crush
6.  Naturally
7.  The Way I Loved You
8.  More
9.  As A Blonde
10.  I Don't Miss You At All
11.  Stop And Erase
12.  I Got U
13.  Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Bang A Drum
*   Brain Zapped
*   Crazy Funky Junky Hat
*   Cruella De Vil
*   Everything Is Not What It Seems
*   Fly To Your Heart
*   If Cupid Had A Heart
*   New Classic
*   One And The Same
*   Perfectly
*   Wizards Of Waverly Place

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