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Shayne Ward Lyrics


Breathless (2007)
Shayne Ward (2006)

Album "Breathless" (2007)

1.  No U Hang Up
2.  Breathless
3.  If That's Ok With You
4.  Damaged
5.  Some Tears Never Dry
6.  Until You
7.  Stand By Your Side
8.  Melt The Snow
9.  Tangled Up
10.  Just Be Good To Me
11.  U Got Me So
12.  You Make Me Wish
13.  Tell Him

Album "Shayne Ward" (2006)

1.  That's My Goal
2.  No Promises
3.  Stand By Me
4.  All My Life
5.  You're Not Alone
6.  I Cry
7.  What About Me
8.  Back At One
9.  Someone To Love
10.  Something Worth Living For
11.  A Better Man
12.  Next To Me
13.  Over The Rainbow (Live) (Bonus Track)

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