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Shiny Toy Guns Lyrics


Season Of Poison (2008)
We Are Pilots (v3) (2006)
We Are Pilots (v1) (2005)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Season Of Poison" (2008)

1.  When Did This Storm Begin?
2.  Money For That
3.  I Owe You A Love Song
4.  Ghost Town
5.  It Became A Lie On You
6.  Ricochet
7.  Season Of Love
8.  Poison
9.  Blown Away
10.  Turned To Real Life
11.  Frozen Oceans

Album "We Are Pilots (v3)" (2006)

1.  You Are The One
2.  Le Disko
3.  Starts With One
4.  When They Came For Us
5.  Don't Cry Out
6.  Chemistry Of A Car Crash
7.  Waiting
8.  Rainy Monday
9.  Jackie Will Save Me
10.  Shaken
11.  We Are Pilots

Album "We Are Pilots (v1)" (2005)

1.  Don't Cry Out
2.  Rainy Monday
3.  Photograph
4.  Le Disko
5.  Shaken
6.  Turn To Real Life
7.  We Are Pilots
8.  The Weather Girl
9.  Waiting
10.  When They Came For Us
11.  Joel's Theme
12.  Sky Fell Over Me
13.  Ritz
14.  Rocketship
15.  I Promise You Walls

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Major Tom
*   Stripped (from "We Are Pilots" v2)

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