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Silverstein Lyrics

14. Departures

I'm dying here before your eyes inside of darkened circles
I'm afraid of savage things I fought to keep away
Before I found out just what I found that I knew you'd become
Now you know the things I'm running from...

You could help me hide in the places I once lived and lost the one
Now you know the things I'm running from...
Now you know the things I'm running from...

You're killing me kid, but I know your intentions are good
I read what you wrote out, asked me to slow down, I should
I think you're trying to make it seem like it never could've meant enough
But what I'm hearing you say is that you're running away 'cause it meant too much

So this isn't easy, I know the weather in Melbourne is best
San Francisco got cold as I read your note walking Van Ness to Oak
You said I guess I'll be home soon but things will be different I'm sure
So I thought that you should know if things are gonna change when you come home
Maybe this time don't

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