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Sing It Loud Lyrics


Everything Collide (2010)
Come Around (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Everything Collide" (2010)

1.  Sugar Sweet
2.  Thunderstorms
3.  Here With You
4.  Only One
5.  Addicted To When You're Gone
6.  Shadows
7.  Believe In Me
8.  Light It Up
9.  Letting Go
10.  I Can't
11.  Wonder Why

Album "Come Around" (2008)

1.  I've Got A Feeling
2.  We're Not Afraid
3.  Come Around
4.  Don't Save Me
5.  Give It Up
6.  MPLS
7.  No One Can Touch Us
8.  Marionettes
9.  Over You
10.  Fade Away
11.  Best Beating Heart

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Bite Your Lip
*   Let Yourself Go
*   Maybe I'm A Ghost

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